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Jordan R. Plews, Ph.D. on Important Distinctions in Growth Factors

Derrick DeSilva, M.D. video

In this conversation with Marie Piantino, L.E., Jordan R. Plews, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder of Xytogen Biotech, discusses some of the important differences practitioners should be aware of in considering use of growth factors for aesthetic medicine. Click the screen to watch.

Featured Articles

DNA Methylation Age is Elevated in Breast Tissue of Healthy Women
Jeff Morris

Recent studies reinforce the idea that breast tissue ages faster than the rest of the body, which may explain its susceptiblity to cancer.
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Blood Test to 'Detect Cancer Years Before Illness' Hailed as Major Breakthrough

Study: Medical Cannabis Significantly Safer for Elderly with Chronic Pain than Opioids

Long-Term Estrogen Therapy Changes Microbial Activity in the Gut, Study Finds

Broader Availability of Genetic Testing a Boon for Precision Care

Our Intestinal Microbiome Influences Metabolism—Through the Immune System

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Nutrition & Supplements Column

Medical Malpractice Review�
John J. Rush, M.D.

The Longevity Physicians Insurance Company introduces the next malpractice case review and analysis in a series.
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Personalized Medicine Column

Dietary Supplements: What's Best for Weight Loss, Diabetes, and Thyroid Disease�
Kathleen Doheny

Dietary supplements might seem safe but often offer a false sense of security or much worse.
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Regenerative Medicine

Doctors Have Cost Concerns About Genetic Tests for Disease Risk
Lisa Rapaport

While many primary care providers believe genetic tests to assess risk for common chronic diseases might prove useful in treating patients, a recent study also suggests they're worried that steep out-of-pocket costs may limit who can be tested.
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Practice Management Column

Erectile Dysfunction Stem Cell Treatments Emerging—But Beware of Scams�
Andis Robeznieks

Danish researchers say a new stem cell treatment was effective in treating erectile dysfunction, but experts say the study was flawed, and warn against scams.
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Practice Management Column

U.S. Supreme Court Case Could Limit Physician Referral Power
Tanya Albert Henry

A case before the U.S. Supreme Court on how antitrust laws are enforced has the potential to affect health care in a way that would harm patient care and interfere with a physician’s duty to a patient to provide the best medical care.
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