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Gary Donovitz, M.D. on Hormone Optimization, PTSD and Developing Standards for Use of Testosterone in Women

Derrick DeSilva, M.D. video

In this wide-ranging conversation with Derrick M. DeSilva, M.D., Gary Donovitz, M.D. talks about the health benefits of hormone optimization, the benefits of hormones to treat PTSD, and a project to develop testosterone treatment standards for women. Click the screen to watch.

Featured Articles

Testosterone Experts to Meet at AMMG Orlando Conference to Form Consensus on Use of Testosterone in Women
Jeff Morris

A group of experts in hormone optimization will meet in Orlando just prior to the AMMG Age Management Medicine Conference to develop a consensus for the first set of standards on the use of testosterone in women.
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AMMG Offers Two Pre-Conference Special Events for Orlando Attendees
Jeff Morris

In addition to the usual Thursday pre-conference tracks, this year's spring Age Management Medicine Conference will offer two special events on Wednesday.
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Special Feature: Traumatic Brain Injury, Part 2
Mark Scheutzow, M.D., Ph.D., MHA, MPH

This second in a series on Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and its links to development of dementia and Alzheimer's disease, focuses on pathology after TBI.
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Over 80 'Wellderly' Research Reveals Some Unexpected Twists

Bad Diets Tied to 400,000 U.S. Deaths in 2015

U.S. Life Expectancy May Rise to Over 80 by 2030

Gene Therapy Shows Promise for Aggressive Lymphoma

Common Virus May Be Linked to Heart Disease, Diabetes in Some Women

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Physician Finances Column

Testosterone Gel Shows No Benefit for Older Men's Memories
Lindsey Tanner

Testosterone treatment did not improve older men's memory or mental function in the latest results from government research that challenges the anti-aging claims of popular supplements.
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Nutrition & Supplements Column

Evidence That Supports the Prescription of Low-Carbohydrate High-Fat Diets: A Narrative Review
Timothy David Noakes, Johann Windt

This narrative review aims to provide clinicians with a broad overview of the effects of LCHF diets on body weight, glycaemic control and cardiovascular risk factors while addressing some common concerns and misconceptions.
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Personalized Medicine Column

Epigenetic Clock Can Calculate Biological Age, Predict Lifespan
Tim Newman

Some individuals who fill their lives with fitness and healthy habits die younger than peers who live a much less healthy life. New research into the epigenetics of aging sheds some fresh light on the perplexing phenomenon of premature aging.
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Practice Management Column

Social Networking: Strategies to Build Brand/Direct Patient Relationships
Paul Epstein

How do you build deep relationships with your prospective patients? It starts with having a presence on the top social networking sites.
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